Bringing Up Bobby (2011)

Bringing Up Bobby (2011)

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Bringing Up Bobby (2011)
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Bringing Up Bobby (in Hollywood Movies)
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Plot: Bringing Up Bobby is the story of a European con-artist and her son Bobby, who find themselves in Oklahoma in an effort to escape her past and build a better future. Olive and Bobby blithely charm their way from one adventure to another until Olive’s criminal past catches up with her. Consequently, she must make a choice: continue with a life of crime or leave the person she loves most in an effort to give Bobby a proper chance in life.
Runtime: 93 mins
Release Date: 11 May 2011

Starcast: Milla Jovovich, Bill Pullman, Marcia Cross, Rory Cochrane, Spencer List, Shelli Fox, Justin Hall, Ray Prewitt, Renata Batista, Rick Eager, Eric Starkey, Dan Corley, Lauren Analla, Phillip Borghee, Jon Bielich, Brandon E. Jackson, Ana Anderson, Dalton Olive, Paul Dietz, Angela Startz, Milton Killen, Christopher Townsend, Jake Hauton, Ana Anderson Pruitt, Gabe Reust, Don Kruzinga, Patrick Michael Flannigan, Clayton Ingmire, Brett Bower, Laurie Cummings, Rett Terrell,
Famke Janssen
Genre: Comedy, Family, ,
Tags: future, con artist, school
Downloads: 5455.5
IMDb Rating: 5.2/10 (1703 votes)

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Top IMDb Reviews (Caution: May contain spoliers)

Nice touching movie! (by timmy-240-688140)
I specially register myself at IMDb just to write review on this movie. I happen to watch this movie by random and I found it is a nice movie. A very touching movie showing the greatest love from a mother to a son. I was shocked too when coming to know this movie took 20 days to complete shooting. However, it came out as a good movie. I think is quite a low budget movie but the story line is great compare to many other movie. This is a movie of a single mother with her lovely son. It is reality to see many single mother today having hard time trying to give the best to their child. So whoever

is raised by single parent, please watch this movie and show your appreciation to them. I love how Milla act in this movie. Spencer List did a cool acting too! Great movie after all…

Sometimes uneven, but mostly interesting and enjoyable. (by llf48)
I saw this film in Italy at the Busto Arsizio festival in March. For a first-time director of a small-budget film made in 11 days in 100+ degree heat , I thought it was excellent. It is a quirky, dark comedy with a world seen through the eyes of a foreigner who has images of the U.S. shaped by vintage American films and T.V.This is not your typical Milla Jovovich/Marcia Cross product, so if you are thinking “Resident Evil” or “Desperate Housewives,” you might want to pass or open up to something totally different. If you can get over the two leading women’s most

famous parts and see them anew, you will likely enjoy this film.The excellent: 1 The setting. It was filmed in Oklahoma and captures so much of the U.S. that films often don’t. It is full of another kind of culture: one that is slower, bleaker, and more religious than is typical in American films. Having grown up in a vowel state, I thought it captured the culture well and it was shot really interestingly.2 Rory Cochrane and Bill Pullman. Cochrane is very funny and Pullman gives a particularly convincing and sympathetic performance.The so-so: 1 Milla Jovovich. Jovovich’s performance is up and down. When it is down it is because she is too over the top; when it is up it is because she has toned it down and bit and connects with the audience as opposed to being some kind of caricature.2 Child actor Spencer List. List is a bit too annoying too often. Like many child actors, he simply overacts pretty much all the time.As far as film festival fare, I would rate this in the top 10%. It is well directed, well shot, well edited, and although the acting is mixed, it is a fun, dark, poignant film.

Must see Famke’s directorial debut! (by joefmahan)
Leaving the theater I was still emotional from this film. It took an hour or so after the film was over for me to recover. Milla J. has at least one scene in this film that will rip your guts out. Marcia Cross is also surprisingly tender and delivers an incredible supporting performance while Rory Cochrane is so much fun that you are dying to see more. Famke’s directorial debut is of her own screenplay. The story is poignant and the scenery in this film is refreshing. She humbly pays homage to past eras and filmmakers that influence her in a fashion that will appeal to the most calloused

critic while presenting a wide appeal. It delivers a respectful nod to an honored filmmaking heritage that serves her story so well while remaining relevant. That is delicate artistry.Milla J. plays an Eastern European Con artist that is struggling to raise her American born son with little more than her looks and the charisma she developed watching gangsters in American films. When the veneer finally falls off watch out! Milla delivers! As she throws in the towel on her criminal ways one thread at a time one can’t help but find a way to relate to the struggles she and her son are faced with. Spencer List gives a great performance as Bobby. Keep an ear out for songs from Milla and the Flaming Lips as well. Nothing is arbitrary in this film. I cannot wait to see her next creation!

Very fun and entertaining film! (by brian-morgan-680-273403)
I saw this movie in Savannah at the Film Festival. I really enjoyed this movie from start to finish. After the movie the Director did a Q&A which answered the few problems I had to the film which I can be forgiving for. It starts out with a foreign feel with lots of natural lighting and some poor sound clips taking the performance away from the actors. But as the movie progresses and you build a relationship with the characters the movie gets more and more precious. The director was very fortunate to have the actors and actresses to work with for her first film as a director. Milla’s

performance really is outstanding throughout telling you the story of her travels and struggles to win her boy back.

Kudos to Famke, turns out she can direct too (by ryanngraye)
I saw Famke Janssen on a panel with Nicole Kidman at the Nashville Film Festival. Mrs. Janssen was well spoken and impressive so I thought I would see her film. It’s very strange but wonderful. The idea of it is great; a Ukrainian woman who grew up on American movies and hustles her way through Oklahoma, using those movies as the basis for her understanding of the American dream. American cinema clearly shapes foreigner’s view of who we are, which was an interesting theme to see the director explore. Throughout Bringing Up Bobby, Mila Jovivich uses quotes from some of the greatest

movies of all time time, movies that clearly shaped her opinion about America. I caught some references I think from Gone With the Wind, China Town and Bonnie and Clyde. I am sure there are others in there as well that I missed. But for movie buffs, that was a fun aspect of the film.The reality is that Bringing Up Bobby is almost two separate movies. The first half of the film feels like a slapstick, easy going and over the top homage to the 1930s, while the second half feels like a 1970’s film. The second half is very gritty and more realistic. One can argue with the outcome of such an effort, but the ambition is certainly there for this 1st time director. It’s always nice to see an independent film take risks and think outside the box. Bobby tried to do that and sometimes it succeeds and sometimes it falls short. Where it falls short is really on the acting. I agree with some of the other comments about Mrs. Jovovich’s performance, as it is a little uneven and I felt like in the first part of the film especially, you could see the acting. She did a much better job during the second part of the film when she had to be emotional and the action required a visceral reaction from her.The music in this film is really fantastic, book marked on the one end by Ukrainian/Russian folk songs and on the other with real Americana music.The movie doesn’t completely succeed but I applaud the effort and look forward to seeing what Mrs. Janssen does next.

Good job, Famke and Milla! (by jp-scheffer)
I liked Famke Janssen’s directorial debut, which was made on an austere budget and shot in Oklahoma in just 20 days, well enough to want to see her next film, which I hope there will be, as it is difficult to make this kind of independent film and release it.In this film, Milla Jovovich is what she excels in being, which is enchanting and mesmerizing on several levels, as she portrays a loving but dysfunctional mother in a way that draws you in and makes you empathize as well as sympathize.Famke Janssen’s story is original, the locations are great, as is the cinematography, and the

scenes are cut together flawlessly, building a sensible arch of narrative and emotion to a worthy conclusion.In other words, a very good job from writer Famke Janssen, director Famke Janssen, cinematographer Guido van Gennep, producers, cast and crew.

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